Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The much dreaded goodbye

I've dreaded this move for the past 4 years because I pretty much loved Virginia from day one.  I had a lot of people tell me before we ever moved to Virginia that our friends would become like family and I didn't totally comprehend how it could be true but without a doubt it was true. While living in Virginia I have made some of the most incredible life long friends.  These have hands down been 4 of the best years of my life (I'm pretty sure Dane wouldn't totally agree since while I was spending most my time with friends he was spending his at school)
We spent our last month spending as much time as possible with our friends, I was hoping that if we hung out with them enough I would be so sick of them I would be happy to leave...WRONG...it just made me like them even more of course
This is the picture from our farewell scraps.  I don't think I will ever let a Thursday night go by where I won't think about scraps.  I have spent almost every Thursday night for the last 4 years talking but mostly laughing with these girls until the early morning hours.  Our last scraps they did a slideshow for all of us that were moving and showered us all with compliments and good memories

One of the last nights we did pizza and smores with the Olson's ... I think every member of the Church family is missing every member of the Olson family like crazy right now.
Lara was so sweet and hosted a farewell bbq for everyone.  Between all of the families that moved in the same year as us we had 4 kids now we are leaving with 14 kids (and 2 halfs) between us all.

 Oh and this group of girls right here.  It will be impossible to find another group of girls that I love as much as this group...without a doubt IMPOSSIBLE
 Foster and June
I'm SO MAD I didn't get a picture of my kids with Ashlee's kids.  Our kids are all less than 2 months apart from eachother and opposite genders. Finn and Lily have been a big part of Beck and Quinn's lives and I am insisiting at least one set if not all of our kids get married so I can have Ashlee as my in-law.  Beck has already had a couple meltdowns since we moved that now that he doesn't live by Lily Jack is going to get to marry her.


I took the above picture of Beck and Jack right before we moved and the one below is the first time they ever played together when Jack moved in...I hope so bad that Beck will always remember all of his cute friends from VA

And since this post is already as sappy as it gets I may as well end with a bang and list some of my very favorite memories of Virginia and the last 4 years.
2 NYC girls trips, springbreak in Disneyworld, sharing backyards with the Dunns, game nights with the Lee's, Charleston with Hone's, Amish Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, ugly duckling scraps, Kings Dominion (meeting Rozlyn), Busch Gardens, Chelsea Square pool, Bakers Crust, DC temple trips, picnics at the field, Duncroft park, winter days at the children's museum, backyard bbq's (slip'n'slide), drive-in, Yorktown beach