Friday, August 22, 2014

4th Of July

We had such a great 4th of July.  We got up early and went to a parade, then went swimming and had pizza with Austin, Brittney and their kids, and then we had our neighborhood bbq.  It is so good to have such amazing friends/neighbors to spend the holidays with.  I love the neighborhood bbq, it was at the bbq last year ( which was right after we moved to Missouri) when I realized we live in the best neighborhood ever.  Even though I certainly wouldn't mind having a bigger, newer, and nicer house I seriously love this neighborhood and I'm so glad we live here so close (for most people's liking maybe a little too close) to all of our friends (and most of our ward)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

May & June

In May we had "ortho prom" don't let the name fool you, there's no dancing involved it's just a big dinner.  It's a black-tie event, so I was pretty excited to have an excuse to get all dressed up.  Dane sent me and Quinn out shopping for a dress a couple nights before.  Oh my goodness I love that girl she is a hoot to shop with...she picked up each and every accessory in her grasp and put it all on.  Then all night she kept saying "we're best friends huh mom".


Instead of picking me "daddylions" Quinn picked me some "mommylions" 

Kindergarten round-up was in May.  I started tearing up the second I walked through the doors with Beck, and continued to feel emotional the entire night.  I loved the school and the teachers but by the time we got home I was seriously considering home-school, I can't stand the thought of Beck being in school every day. 

Dane was able to take some time off in May, we loved every minute of having him home.  We did some exploring of KC.  We went to the WWII museum.  Me and Dane thought it was cool...go figure the kids didn't.

We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farm, me and Dane thought it was amazing...our kids didn't agree.  Beck said it was the worst day of his life because he didn't catch a fish, we bought Quinn a pony ride and she wouldn't ride it because she said she hated the color of the pony, and Foster ate a handful of duck poop

We would never have an entire week of family fun without going mini-golfing

 Grandma Myrna came to visit for the second half of Dane's week off.  We went to the zoo one day and I was so impressed with Dane's willingness to want to pull the wagon for me...and then I realized that it's cause he wanted to ride in the wagon with the kids while steering himself down every hill in the was quite a sight.

Beck played t-ball this summer, it totally stressed him out but he did so good and looked so cute in his little uniform.

We went to the lake a couple times

I signed the kids up for swimming lessons.  Beck has become an awesome swimmer, he passed the swim tests at all the pools we go to so they put him in a class with all the big kids...he definitely didn't get it from me back when I did swim lessons I'm pretty sure I was older by everyone in my class by at least five years. 
We aren't sure if Quinn is a good surprise at all she refused to step foot in the water to do her lessons...nobody makes Quinn do anything she doesn't want to do, it doesn't matter how bad the punishment or how good the bribe.

Quinn's new favorite'll never believe from the quality of it that I got it at the dollar store, jk

One of these days when I have a lot of times on my hands I'm going to do a post with all the pictures I have of Quinn dressed up like a boy and Foster dressed up like a girl, the number of pictures I have would blow your mind.