Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Foster's Blessing Day - More Utah - In Pictures


I have too much to blog about and too little time so I'm going to recap mostly in pictures.
My mom and dad flew out to Virginia to help us with the move which was a life saver! Me and my mom flew to Utah with the kids and my dad and Dane drove to Missouri to drop off our stuff into storage (our house wasn't ready for us to move in yet) and then drove on to Utah. And since our house wasn't ready we got to stay in Utah for a few weeks!!
 Check out who was on our flight home!

We went to 7-peaks (my favorite place) a few times and as you can tell by the picture Foster loved it

We had never been to the childrens museum in SLC - kid heaven!

Tetris as always and I beat as always

Couldn't keep my dad and his water fights under control

A very attractive picture of me - I took one for the team putting it up because Beck snuggling Foster is too cute..but yes I'm aware I look gross
Foster had a diaper blow out at the zoo and the only spare clothes I had were Becks.  My friend did point out that at least it wasn't Quinn's clothes.




I almost forgot to post pictures from Beck playing T-ball right before we moved.  Watching him, Benson, and Rex play together was non-stop entertainment and luckily he liked it much more than basketball