Tuesday, April 8, 2014

These Two...


Quinn & Brody
I am 99.9% sure these two will be married one day.  The first thing out of Quinn's mouth in the morning is "can I go to Brody's?" and the last thing she asks before bed each night is "can I play with Brody in the morning?"   We have caught them kissing a few times so they aren't allowed to play without a chaperone haha but aside from the kissing I love this friendship.  Brody is so sweet to Quinn and is very patient with all her girly moodiness. I feel like these pictures totally sum them up. 

Quinn's Birthday

This girl has brought so much fun, love, and laughter to our family over the last 3 years.  I feel beyond lucky to be her mom.  She is seriously a hoot I've mentioned this before but one minute she will be walking around sporting her make-up, high-heels, and sunglasses and then an hour later she is playing power rangers with a batman cape on talking about things like "megazords" (I'm still not sure what that is).  She has the best laugh of any little girl I know and I usually hear it for 2 hours straight after I put her to bed because her and Beck are still playing instead of going to sleep, it's just so cute I don't have the heart to tell them to be quiet and go to bed.  She spends about 80% of her day dancing and begging me to play Frozen songs for her, and she has some pretty impressive dance moves.  I love her spunky hilarious personality and I'm so grateful for her.  Happy Birthday Quinny!!

2 months later...

Now that its April I think I'll finally post about my mom and dad coming to visit us back in February!  This time I didn't even have to act like I was on the verge of a meltdown to get them to come visit they just called us at the beginning of Feb and told us they were going to come out the next week!  We were so excited to have them come visit.  I can't say we did anything so fun it knocked their socks off  but we did the aquarium, Liberty Jail, Independence Visitors center, and went out for some good old Kansas City BBQ.  As always it was just so fun to be able to play games, talk, and just be together.