Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Dane is just a big old kid.  Sunday after church he couldn't ignore all the leaves in the yard and raked up the biggest pile of leaves I've ever seen for the kids to jump in

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Best (and cutest) Baby Ever

This guy has me fully wrapped around his finger.  He is seriously the best baby in the world...well except he thinks that naps are only supposed to be 20 minutes long.   He is so happy and so content.  Me and the kids like to go out and about to do something fun everyday and this little fella just lets us drag him around everywhere we go and is perfectly happy the whole time.  And on top of it all he is definitely the most adorable thing I've ever seen.


Every year as the kids get older the holidays just keep getting better, they get so excited for every little thing which makes it so fun.  The pirate costumes for Halloween this year was just too fitting for these kids.  For the last few months Beck has been majorly obsessed with pirates.  He is always looking for buried treasure outside and he carries his treasure box everywhere he goes and is constantly sorting through all the treasure inside.  He also hides treasure throughout the house, there is nothing cuter than moving something around in the pantry and finding treasure hidden in the corner or scooping up a bunch of laundry soap and spotting coins he's buried inside.  So he was proetty excited to be a pirate to say the least and he refused to smile for any pictures while in costume because pirates DO NOT smile.  Quinn isn't obsessed like Beck but as I was looking at costumes I knew as soon as I saw hers it was perfect, a big fancy dress that also included a sword had Quinn written all over it.  She is the most girly tom-boy I know.

We had the cousins over for dinner right before trick-or-treating, then we all went trick or treating together and went and had snacks at Trent and Lindsay's after.  It's so fun having cousins next door.

 We went to the pumpkin patch before Halloween, Beck loved feeding all of the and Quinn not so much but I did manage to steal one picture of Quinn attempting to feed the chickens, but as soon as they tried to take the food she of course screamed and ran away.  Dane has had to work like crazy this month so we had to do all of the fun festivities without him which was a bummer for us but if you know Dane it was totally devastating to him, nobody loves holidays more than that man.