Monday, June 9, 2014


 We had such a fun Easter this year
First, since we were both husbandless Friday night, Kim and the kids came over to color Easter eggs with us (having a best friend who's husband is in the same residency program has endless perks).  Then the next morning (Fosters birthday) we got up and went to the big townhouse egg hunt which did not disappoint...there were SO MANY EGGS, and its a good thing there were because Beck had seriously been stressing for MONTHS leading up to this hunt that he wouldn't get to find enough eggs. 


Surprise Surprise:
Quinn and Brody were connected at the hip the whole egg hunt, and being the gentleman he is (as always) Brody made sure Quinn got the most eggs of any other kid...including himself!  And being the princess she is Quinn was more than happy to let Brody escort her through the egg hunt, and was also more than happy to boss him around and tell him to put the eggs he was finding in her basket....what a stinker!!   Match made in heaven those two.

Foster's First Birthday

This little boy has stolen my whole heart...I am seriously in love with this baby.
Oh my goodness I can't tell you how much fun this little guy is, he has brought so much happiness to our family since the day he was born
He has been the best baby which is exactly what a mother of three needs in her third child, he has always been so happy and easy-going (until the last couple weeks but we won't get into that right now)  and I mean it when I say I just can't find it in myself to get mad at him even when he's a stinker...I'm sure that will change in the next couple years, but for the time being its the truth.  He lets Beck and Quinn harass him non stop and just laughs and plays right along with whatever they do. I just love my little Foster so much.
His birthday was the day before Easter, so we had a few friends over for dinner and cake and then all the kids did an egg hunt.  Foster didn't join in the egg hunt because was in his highchair eating cake the ENTIRE party, I thought he'd have a few bites and be done but he just kept eating and eating and eating.  He seemed to enjoy himself so even though it wasn't a fancy party it was a success for me and Foster.  Happy Birthday little buddy we love you SO much!