Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beck's 5th Birthday


Beck's birthday this year was so good.  I was worried he would be disappointed because he had some pretty high expecations for his bday.  He told me weeks before his birthday that on his birthday nobody was supposed to call him Beck we were all supposed to refer to him as "birthday boy".
We got up and opened presents and soon as he woke up and he kept saying THE CUTEST things while he opened them.  He kept sayings likes like "this is the best birthday of my whole life!" and "I don't even know how to thank you for this!"  Quinn gave him a pack of gum and he said "Aww come give me a hug" and then he went downstairs and got her one of his treasures to thank her for giving him a gift.  It was too cute!   We ended up getting him a game, weapons, and a bike from us and grandma Myrna and grandpa Doug, but he didn't want to ride his bike because he was worried the tires would get wet since it had rained the day before (he is totally his father's son).  He got "real tools" from my parents and couldn't have been more excited about that!
We had a big breakfast and he played with his toys for a bit and then my friend Kim said she would watch the little kids so I could take Beck out for lunch but Beck was really feeling the love and said he wanted to bring Quinn and Foster with us since Quinn had been so nice and gotten him a present.  So we went downtown and went to Kaleidoscope, and then went to the candy store, (I'm trying to forget that we spent $6 on like 4 gummy bears...he requested it and he was happy), then we went to sea life, and wrapped it all up by sharing mac and cheese at Panera Bread ( I couldnt afford to buy us all our own meals after the candy store robbed me like that!)  After that we headed to Beck's basketball practice and luckily Dane got home to see Beck and bring him more treats right before bedtime.

We had his birthday party a couple days later.  We had talked about what theme and who he wanted to invite over and over and he finally decided on Ninja Turtles.  I missed doing our combined birthday parties with Lily it wasn't the same this year!   This party was definitely low key I just did a couple simple games and cupcakes...but if I've learned anything from past birthday parties with 3-5 year old kids...its to keep it simple!
Beck is seriously the best boy ever,  he is so obedient, helpful, very sensitive, watches out for Quinn and Foster, and he is so so smart.  He's such an old soul I forget that he's only 5 sometimes.  I love my little buddy and he really is my buddy I love our conversations and how he is so curious about so many things that I swear most kids his age would never think about.  I love my boy so much!

Going Private

I'm going to make my blog private in the next couple days.  I don't know if anyone is still reading this thing but if you are and want and invite when I go private just leave me your e-mail address!

End of October/November

At the end of October GG and GGpa came to visit.  It was so fun to get to hang out with them, lucky for us they kept getting lost trying to find a hotel so they gave up and spent the night with us.  I'm sure they regretted that decision the next morning when my kids were jumping all over them at 7 a.m. They were only here a couple days but I'm pretty sure they were totally exhausted by the time they left! 

We made sure to take advantage of any good weather we got in November by going to the park or on this day going to the zoo.

I love taking the kids downtown to play I think we go at least once a week.

 Dane's work schedule the last couple months was crazy he spent a TON of time at the hospital, lucky for me I have my night-owl Beck to keep me company...don't let this picture fool you, Beck is usually the last one asleep.
Shopping for Thanksgiving
 If I had a quarter for everytime somebody said "you sure have your hands full" to me when I go grocery shopping (or anywhere for that matter) I'd be a rich woman.
before Santa comes to the mall the snow princess comes to hear the kids holiday wishes, it was super cute, and Beck was SUPER excited about sitting on the princess's lap even though he tried really hard to hide it.

These two may have their fair share of fights but at the end of the day they usually end up in the same bed...pretty cute!

Once again, Foster is the most good-natured and content little boy even when we take him to the park in freezing cold temperatures.

Beck couldn't stand the thought of Quinn not getting a treat if she didn't eat her dinner so he took it upon himself to feed her...this is a common occurance
I can't get enough of this girl running around in her high heels all day, she is slowly becoming more and more girly but I don't think she'll ever be able to totally give up her guns and boxing.