Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Great October

I love October!  We had such great weather this year, we were able to do so many fun things.

I'm in love with this picture of my kids we took at the primary activity at the temple.
There is a good possibility that this picture is a glimpse of the future.

Quinn and Brody started preschool for the first time.  I was so glad they got to go together, when I dropped Quinn off she didn't even look back...which did not make me happy at all.  But I am glad she loves it and that they get to go together, I have no doubt she wouldn't have gone if Brody wasn't there.

We went apple picking. The kids had these lovely ring pops that Ammy sent them in their mouths in every picture I took.

We got adopted a pet coyote that moved into our backyard.

Everything about this boy just kills me, I just love him so much and he is at one of my favorite ages right now.  Everything he does whether its naughty or nice just cracks me up all day long.

We went to Deanna Rose Farm for a fun Halloween Fest.  They had all sorts of games, activities, candy, and haunted houses/hayrides.  We went with our friends the Copes and we all had a blast.  Quinn couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to dress-up like she went from a newborn Lion costume, to spider man, and last minute changed to a princess...spider man probably fits her personality better but she sure looked cute.

This is Beckett and Quinn's costume when they went out and "booed" people.  (left cookies on the doorstep and ran).  They got caught at every house they went to, but they didn't know it, they thought they were pretty sneaky.

Royals went to the World Series!!  We barely lost in game 7 but it made Royals fans out of us for sure!  I didn't think I cared about baseball but it was really exciting!

I was able to find a babysitter and go hangout with Beck at his fall party at school.  Its so fun to see him interact with his classmates.  He's not nearly as shy as I thought he would be.  They had a little dance party and he was right in the middle of the floor showing off all of his amazing moves that he inherited from his Papa.  I hope in a few years he either comes up with some new moves or becomes a little more shy while dancing.  Just kidding. Just kidding. He is such a fun buddy it was fun to spend some time with him at school.

The World Series had all the neighborhood kids excited about baseball.

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch with my friend Tiffany and her kids.  It was a fun fall activity, Foster just wanted to ride the tricycles the whole time.  And I just wanted to eat the pumpkin donuts the whole time.

A random picture of these two bff's just cause 90 percent of Quinn's October was spent playing with Brody.

I'm used to having Beck in school now but I still hate it.  I miss the days when I had him all to myself all day everyday.  It breaks my heart.

Dane had to go to Dallas for Halloween so we went trick-or-treating with friends and then went and hung out with the cousins after.  So fun having family next door to share all of the holidays with.   Quinn's costume is probably my favorite she will ever have.  And the picture of Trace and Foster in their costumes is one of my favorite pictures ever. 
So grateful for all the fall fun we were able to have and all of our friends and family to share it with. 

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